What Ifs by Cynthia Palacios

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Don’t have “what if’s”       by Cynthia Palacios

You can always find a reason not get out of your comfort zone.

Be the person that makes it happen, and make yourself stand out.

Don’t be fear-driven. When confronted with a change, opportunity, risk, etc. you either take it or stay where you are.

KR equips you to be the difference you want to see, go out and be that difference maker.

Answer your “what if” questions during your graduate experience. 

Here are some examples of my “what ifs”:

Medical Librarianship

·      Risks I took: Was intimidated by medical field so decided to test the waters by volunteering for my internship at an academic medical library.

·      Lesson Learned: Learned what work environment I personally thrive in and makes me happy. (Public)

Study Abroad

·      Risks I Took: Trying something new- always wanted to study abroad so volunteered with Librarians Without Borders in Guatemala.

·      Lesson Learned: Applied lessons learned in a different environment.

Professional Associations

·      Risks I took: Had no prior experience and the only student among established professionals

·      Lessons Learned: Leadership position.