of Panzas and Familia by Margot (KR 12) Natividad

Submitted by mebly on Tue, 04/07/2015 - 09:59


As a representative of REFORMA – Tucson I volunteered at the 7th annual Tucson Festival of Books. This was a wonderful experience. I volunteered at the Pima County Public Library Nuestras Raices tent, which brings Latino/a authors to the festival each year. This year the list of authors ranged from children’s and young adult to adult authors, poets and journalists. We had two days of panel discussions on border issues, the Chicano experience and family memories. It was a great experience for me to hear stories that could have been my family’s story, of Panzas and The Smell of Old Lady Perfume, of Loving Pedro Infante and how sharing with each other bring us closer together. I find great joy in hearing someone read for the first time, an author share their creative process with an audience and all kinds of storytelling!

PS - How many Knowledge River scholars can you fit under one tent? Knowledge River scholars from Cohort 1 to Cohort 13 volunteered and/or attended the author presentations. The Pima County Public Library Nuestras Raices Committee consists of four KR scholars! (including me! :))