Maria Cuello, KR 14

Submitted by ginamacaluso on Tue, 01/12/2016 - 11:42
As I walked into KR orientation and was greeted with open arms, I was excited with the anticipation of the oncoming semester. I met a group of colleagues with great wisdom and was sent out with a positive energy. I was made to feel at home.
I walked into this experience and met KR 14...
Our first semester has ended and with the dynamics, demands and diligence...we continue our awesome journey. 
I did not know...
I was going to discover the passion that has been hidden of why I chose this path...I did not know..I was going to come upon many accomplices that are going to make a gigantic impact within our communities...I did not know I can push myself to the limits and still chuckle and lament at the same time for various assignments....I did not know that this is one of my extreme adventures...I did not know that genuine friendships are being created and the best thing is that we are a band of an amazing family that is doing it all together.