Friday tours

Submitted by mebly on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 14:23

Last Friday several of us drove to Raytheon to view the Tucson Technical Library. 

After clearing security (all that was missing was a drug sniffing dog) we were each directed to building 801. Upon arrival and after signing a document promising to return the badge and to not share it with anyone while on the Raytheon compound we were given an I.D. badge.  As no photographs are allowed, my camera was politely confiscated.  We then drove to the library itself which is in a portable building attached to a brick and mortar building; both surrounded by cyclone fencing topped with razor wire. 

Some of us might have felt a little intimidated by the security, but not by Amy Smith and Erin Rust, the librarians who greeted us with open arms and answered our many questions for more than an hour.

My take-away from the tour is that Raytheon librarians shelf books!  They also catalogue, lend books, do research,  manage a large budget, keep subscription data bases up to date, and service their own equipment.   The primary patrons in the Tucson Technical Library are engineers.  The special library at Raytheon consists mainly of technical books, but as there are many other employees at Raytheon they also have a small section of self-help books of all genres.

Erin and Amy have no prior engineering or technical expertise.   Amy used to be a chef in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Erin is a SIRLS graduate.  Both have been at Raytheon for more than nine years and enjoy a salary higher than that paid to Academic or Public librarians, and as there is no room for professional advancement, there is also no professional development required. 

An informative day was enjoyed by all