Looking back

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Jessica RedhouseKR 134/30/15

Looking back at my first semester in the Fall of 2015, I am proud and amazed that I made it, but at the same time I realize that I have learned so many things that helped me utilize my time better in my second semester.

Ofelia Zepeda -Knowledge River Cohort 13

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When I first started Knowledge River, I was excited and unsure at the same time. I had just resigned from my somewhat steady job as a teacher to pursue a Master's Degree at a much larger university than I was accustomed (my undergraduate degree is from Northern Arizona University). I did not know what to expect, but was fairly certain I could handle the work load since I was used to late nights and never-ending piles of papers to grade. Graduate school is a lot of work, but it is enjoyable. When it is not as fun, I have my cohort for support.

What Ifs by Cynthia Palacios

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Don’t have “what if’s”       by Cynthia Palacios

You can always find a reason not get out of your comfort zone.

Be the person that makes it happen, and make yourself stand out.

Don’t be fear-driven. When confronted with a change, opportunity, risk, etc. you either take it or stay where you are.

KR equips you to be the difference you want to see, go out and be that difference maker.

Answer your “what if” questions during your graduate experience. 

Here are some examples of my “what ifs”:

Medical Librarianship

Reminiscences of Samael Castillo

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About two years ago I heard about the Knowledge River program. It sounded  very interesting, but at the same time something that I didn't think I could accomplish. I decided to give it a try after talking to a few graduates and to the manager of the program, all who encouraged me to go through the program. After submitting my application, sometime later, I found out I was accepted.