Looking back

Jessica RedhouseKR 134/30/15

Looking back at my first semester in the Fall of 2015, I am proud and amazed that I made it, but at the same time I realize that I have learned so many things that helped me utilize my time better in my second semester.

Ofelia Zepeda -Knowledge River Cohort 13

When I first started Knowledge River, I was excited and unsure at the same time. I had just resigned from my somewhat steady job as a teacher to pursue a Master's Degree at a much larger university than I was accustomed (my undergraduate degree is from Northern Arizona University). I did not know what to expect, but was fairly certain I could handle the work load since I was used to late nights and never-ending piles of papers to grade. Graduate school is a lot of work, but it is enjoyable. When it is not as fun, I have my cohort for support.

What Ifs by Cynthia Palacios

Don’t have “what if’s”       by Cynthia Palacios

You can always find a reason not get out of your comfort zone.

Be the person that makes it happen, and make yourself stand out.

Don’t be fear-driven. When confronted with a change, opportunity, risk, etc. you either take it or stay where you are.

KR equips you to be the difference you want to see, go out and be that difference maker.

Answer your “what if” questions during your graduate experience. 

Here are some examples of my “what ifs”:

Medical Librarianship

Reminiscences of Samael Castillo

About two years ago I heard about the Knowledge River program. It sounded  very interesting, but at the same time something that I didn't think I could accomplish. I decided to give it a try after talking to a few graduates and to the manager of the program, all who encouraged me to go through the program. After submitting my application, sometime later, I found out I was accepted.

Karina's words of wisdom

Time flies by! I cannot believe that I am about to graduate with a Master's degree so fast. I am so happy to finally be approaching the end (I am so exhausted!), but as I look back I can't help thinking how much all that hard work has been worth it. Participating in the Knowledge River has presented me with wonderful experiences. Not only have I met some of my best friends now, I have also grown into myself as a person and as a professional. I've gotten to travel to conferences such as the Computers in Library Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. and the 2014 Annual ALA Conference in Las Vegas and met so many wonderful people in the profession. I am very grateful for my graduate assistant positions because I have learned to push past my shyness, learned to plan and lead workshops as well as gotten the hands on experience in the public library I had so wanted. I am now considering a career as a Children's librarian because of the experiences I have had leading Babytime at the Murphy-Wilmot Library.

There is so much that Knowledge River has to offer and I encourage everyone to take advantage of your time here. It will be over before you know it (even if some semesters feel to last forever and a day). Go to conferences, speak to people you don't know and push yourselves. If you are feeling stressed, reach out to your cohort and do something not related to school. It's important to take a little break once in a while so you don't get overwhelmed. My cohort has been a great support system and when we all get awesome jobs; we will be each other's professional network!

Good luck to you all and if you ever need anything (to talk or just hang out) I'd be happy to help :)

Karina Reyna

Pima County Superior Court Law Library and John Hernandez

My name is John Hernandez I am a part KR 12! I have had my GA ship with the Pima County Superior Court in Pima County. I have enjoyed my time there (I am currently there this semester via internship). Working at the court I have learned a great deal about Paternity, divorce, child support, and the statutes that cover the state of Arizona. I have also been assigned to projects such as “court night”. I have also had the opportunity to look at budget matters and use my knowledge from my research and stats class. I am currently, working at the Valdez library a.k.a main library. In addition, I am also working at Santa Rosa library. I like working in these two environments because I get to experience what I like to call the “big pond vs. small pond” exposure. Working in these three environments has allowed me to learn different skills and skill sets. At the main library, I have had the opportunity to work info line which is a service where the public can call in and ask any question that they may have, it is then the job of the person working info line to find the answer via databases and other tools to find the answers to their inquiries.

Some advice that I have for future KR’s is enjoy the ride! It goes by quickly, take advantage of opportunities go to AZLA ALA, talk with your professors and look for opportunities! I am grateful for the friends and relationships I have made along the way!

Words of wisdom from Jaime Valenzuela

Happy Halloween KR!
My blog is due today and it is now 8:16 on this Friday morning; I am only starting to write. I want to leave you with some advice because I think advice is the best piece of writing I can provide any reader at this time. I hope this find you all well.
I urge you all to do as much as you can now. I know at KR 13 orientation I spoke of volunteering and getting as much experience as possible. I am not sure how much experience many of you have; I failed to ask so for that, forgive me. Those in need of it I suggest you get it now. Most of you are now past the half-way point of this semester, and I am sure that there is a wide range of emotions we are all feeling now. I feel a sense of content. I have a part-time job at Freeport McMoran Inc. and a GA at the UA Tree-Ring Lab. The work I am doing at both jobs is work I would much rather be doing than weekly readings, discussion posts, and homework. A year ago I was so happy to be doing that homework instead of working in the real world. I still am happy to be in school but I am ready to finish. Life happens and I have new priorities and distractions. Around this time next year you may feel burnt out so that is why I am urging you all to start getting the experience you need now. You may not want to be taking on the extra work this time next year.
At Freeport I am currently working on digitizing and creating the metadata for company records. I am organizing company reports from as early as 1969 and dealing with a wide range of shifts in content. At the Tree-Ring Lab I am still in the process of cataloging the collection and all is coming together well. In the near future I will be presenting with fellow KR’s Sara and Stephen at AZLA about our experience in grad school as part of KR. Also, the newly founded American Indian Library Association UA Student Chapter is active. Look for our table at the Arizona State Museum on Saturday, November 8, 2014. The event is titled Neoglyphix: All Indigenous Aerosol Art Exhibition. It will run from 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Any one is welcome to join.
I hope that you all are doing well and remember that you are all more than capable of doing well. You were accepted in grad school and invited to be a part of KR for a reason… Be confident in your abilities and enjoy.